Mandoe Parter Program

Earn revenue for every referral

Looking to grow your business and earn extra income without much more work? Refer your clients to Mandoe and earn commission.

What type of businesses should partner?

If you work with small businesses like retailers, hospitality venues, salons, gyms, medical businesses and more, then you're in a position to refer Mandoe to your clients.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies that work with small businesses can refer Mandoe and help clients growing their business.



Business consultants that work with small businesses can help their clients grow with Mandoe.

IT Providers

IT Providers

IT providers that assist small businesses with their technology needs can refer Mandoe to their clients.

Earn Revenue & Grow your business

How can you make
money with Mandoe?

  • Procurement Revenue. Purchase screens and media players for your clients and make a % of the markup.
  • Referral Commission. Each time you refer a customer to Mandoe, you earn money.
  • Services Revenue. Help your clients install the hardware, design their first signs and charge for your time.

Dedicated to helping partners succeed

We want to ensure
your success

  • Refer new clients to you
    When the Mandoe team come across someone in your local area who could use help setting up their hardware or designing their first signs, we’ll refer them to you.
  • Resource & training materials
    We’ll arm you with sales collateral & resources to help you sell digital signage & Mandoe to your clients.

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