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Accounting Services Basic Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
This accounting services basic template is picturing an aerial shot of high rise skyscrapers looking down on to the roofs of the lower buildings. The template is in a horizontal position with underneath the photo some key facts and figures of the accounting business. The number of business clients, the average client tenure, the number of team members and how many years in business they are. On top of the photo the text says: Accounting taken into the right hands. With an average client tenure of 8 years, our business has a reputation for trust, professionalism and success. This type of template is perfect as an advertisement in a business magazine to promote your business and services to other companies who might be looking for your expertise. Alternatively it can be used online, as a banner or social media post on a professional networking website like LinkedIn. Call to action should be a link to the website with more information and contact details should they be interested.
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