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Digital signage template

Create beautiful digital signage for your Cafe

Mandoe is digital signage software that makes it easy for you to build & launch customised digital signs in your cafe

How It Works

Easily create beautiful digital signage

Mandoe's drag and drop signage builder makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful, impactful signage
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Transform Your Café Signage

Creating the perfect ambience for your café begins with the right visual appeal, and café signage plays a pivotal role in this transformation. Whether it's outdoor café signs that welcome guests or café menu signs that entice them, the impact of well-designed signage is undeniable. Discover how simple custom café signage design can enhance your brand's visibility and create a memorable experience for every visitor.

The Power of Café Digital Signage

When making your digital café signs, you’ll be using our accessible studio platform. Explore the features that make content creation incredibly easy:

  • Interactive Creation Tool: Guided walkthrough for content creation with easy drag-and-drop functionality to add videos and pictures.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Modify everything on-screen, including animations, fonts, and colours, for fully customised content.
  • Preview & Deployment: Preview changes and set the duration before sending content directly to screens or downloading it as a video or image for use on social media or other platforms.

In today's digital age, café digital signage is revolutionising how cafés communicate with customers. From dynamic café digital menu boards that showcase your latest offerings to engaging content that tells your café's story, digital signage offers limitless possibilities. Learn how leveraging café digital signage can boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why Choose Mandoe for Your Café Signage Needs?

Increasing ROI

Inside Retail reports, "The return on investment [of digital signage] can be substantial, through increased sales and customer engagement.” Dynamic signage can increase leads by up to 33% in repeat buyers, meaning more loyal customers for your café.

Access to Millions of Premium Resources

Unlike other providers, Mandoe offers you access to millions of high-quality photos and videos from top stock media platforms like Shutterstock and Storyblocks at no extra cost. This vast library allows you to create café signsthat stand out without additional costs.

Simplified Digital Café Signage Solution

We understand that digital signage can seem daunting, especially for café owners who are new to this technology. That's why we've developed a user-friendly digital signage software that works seamlessly. This makes creating and managing your café digital menu boards and signs a breeze, allowing you to focus on what you do best - running your café.

Digital Café Menu Board: Insights & Control 

Ditch the complicated tools and effortlessly establish your digital signage by:

  • Identifying Your Industry: During sign-up, select your specific industry and sub-industries to unlock access to tailored, industry-specific templates.
  • Customising Your Brand's Look: Adjust the platform to reflect your brand by customising the colour scheme and choosing the right screen orientation—landscape or portrait—to resonate with your audience.
  • Streamlining Menu Updates: Once set, effortlessly refresh your displays with a single click, making content management a breeze.

Mandoe's café digital signage changes how café and coffee shop owners engage with their customers by offering control and flexibility over their digital displays. 

Our platform's analytics capability allows for a deep dive into performance metrics, enabling businesses to align their digital content strategy with actual sales data and identify what attracts customers most effectively. This seamless integration of design, deployment, and data-driven insights ensures that coffee shop signage, from café menu signs to promotional displays, is strategically effective.

Managing Your Displays

Transforming how you manage your digital displays is easy with Mandoe’s platform, where flexibility and collaboration come to life. Our easy-to-use features include:

  • Advanced scheduling: Plan content to the precise month, day, and time, making complex and straightforward schedules manageable. 
  • Screen zone management: Split your screen into various zones, from full-screen displays to segmented layouts, enabling simultaneous showcasing diverse content. 
  • Global management: Tag displays by location for overarching control, isolating regions for pinpoint content distribution. 
  • Dynamic integration of widgets: Seamlessly drop in live Instagram feeds, appointment bookings, and videos to inject a layer of interactivity and engagement into your content like never before. 

Additional Signage Solutions

While café signage is our specialty, we offer various solutions for multiple industries. Explore our full offering: store signage, real estate signs, medical signs, dental signs, and physio signs.

Connect with Our Skilled Team

Ready to take your café's visual branding to the next level? Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, from design to deployment. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can help you create impactful digital café signage that drives business.

What types of templates does Mandoe offer for café signage?

Your Mandoe account comes pre-loaded with hundreds of professionally designed templates for cafés. These templates cover many promotions, including discounts, combo deals, and more. Available in landscape and portrait orientations, they’re perfect for different screen setups and design preferences. With these templates, cafes can effortlessly create engaging and visually appealing digital coffee signs that attract customers and boost sales. 

Get started today and transform your cafe's promotional strategy with Mandoe's customisable templates.

Can I manage my cafe's digital signage remotely with Mandoe?

Mandoe's digital signage solution offers powerful remote management capabilities, allowing you to update and control your cafe's digital menu board from anywhere at any time. Whether running a single café or multiple locations, you can quickly deploy new promotions, update menu items, or adjust scheduling across all your screens with just a few clicks.

Why choose digital café menu boards over traditional menu boards?

Traditional menu boards, while familiar, present a static list of choices that can be cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming to update. This limits flexibility and generates physical waste that needs to be disposed of.

On the other hand, digital café menu boards offer an engaging and dynamic way to display your menu. They are quick, easy to update, and cost-effective in the long run. Digital coffee signage eliminates physical updates, making it an environmentally friendly option that generates no waste. 

Can I boost my café’s income with café signage?

Studies show digital café signage leads to a 47% increase in average sales. No wonder many cafés are getting on board with digital signage; they’re much better at displaying what you offer. 

There are different techniques that cafés use to get the most out of their digital signs. Cafés offer specials (Kombucha Tuesdays, half-price deal), promotions (5th coffee is free), combos (coffee and BLT for just $8), or new menu items (come and try our new nitro brew) to increase sales. Digital menu boards help maximise sales and promote a professional cafe image.
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Digital signage template

Start with a beautiful template

Enter basic information about your cafe (name, colors, etc) and Mandoe will create hundreds of templates specific to your business
Digital signage template

Make it your own

Personalise your signage by adding your own text and images or choose from our library of thousands of stock images, icons, graphics and more.
Digital signage template

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

Deploy the beautiful signage you designed to your screens in just a few clicks.

Deploy to one screen or many

Group screens together (by store, state, placement, etc) and deploy to one or many.

Set dates for your signage to display

Set a start and end date for your signage to display. Perfect for limited time promotions.

Set times for your signage to display

Set the times you want your signage to display. Perfect for lunch specials, afternoon coffees, etc.
Digital signage template

Get insights into what's working and what isn't

See what content played at what times and match it up with your sales data to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Templates for cafes

Your Mandoe account comes pre-loaded with hundreds of professionally-designed templates specifically for Cafes, including for discounts, combo deals and more. Some examples are below:
  • Digital Signage Australia
  • Digital Signage Sydney
  • Digital Signage Melbourne
  • Digital Signage Brisbane
  • Digital Signage Software Australia
  • Digital Menu Boards Australia
  • Restaurant Signage Australia
  • Window Signage Australia
  • Cafe Signage Australia
  • Retail Signage Australia
  • Real Estate Signage Australia
  • Medical Signage Australia
  • Dentist Signage Australia
  • Physio Signage Australia
  • Fast Food Signage Australia
  • Pharmacy Signage Australia