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Medical practices worldwide trust Mandoe digital signage software to create eye-catching signage for their stores

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Effortlessly create digital signage

Mandoe's drag and drop editor makes it easy for anyone to be a graphic designer. Create your own digital signage for your clinic in minutes.
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Enhancing Patient Care with Digital Medical Signage

The medical industry is rapidly embracing digital healthcare signage as a transformative tool for improving patient communication, education and upselling additional services in waiting rooms.

This innovative approach allows medical facilities to convey important medical information, health tips, and updates. Much like digital pharmacy signage, this makes it easier for patients and visitors to absorb and retain critical health messages.

Why Mandoe Stands Out for Healthcare Signage

Mandoe provides cutting-edge, user-friendly digital signage tailored for the healthcare sector. Maximise the impact of digital healthcare signs with our platform's advanced features designed to cater to management needs, such as:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Effortlessly program your content to display at precise times on specific days and months, accommodating straightforward and complex scheduling requirements.
  • Multi-Zone Display Control: Segment your screen into various zones, from a singular, full-screen view to split layouts, enabling the simultaneous presentation of different content.
  • Strategic Global Management: Organise and categorise your displays by location from anywhere worldwide and isolate specific areas for focused content delivery.
  • Enhanced Interactivity with Widgets: Elevate your content's engagement by incorporating interactive widgets, such as real-time Instagram feeds, appointment scheduling, and 5-star client testimonials, directly into your displays.

Why Mandoe for your Digital Healthcare Signage?

Ditch the generic and uninspiring content typical of conventional medical signage. With Mandoe, you can access unlimited templates, high-quality images, and videos ready to be leveraged into compelling medical signage that educates, informs, and increases footfall.

Need convincing? Digital Signage Today found that “digital signage leads to a 33% increase in repeat buyers and a 21% increase in satisfaction. Such systems as Mandoe are user-friendly, allowing for easy content creation and scheduling without [needing] specialised graphic design skills.”

Simplifying Digital Signs for Healthcare

The transition to digital medical signage is often seen as too complicated due to concerns over complexity and cost. But with our Onboarding Wizard, you can quickly kickstart your digital medical signs with a tool designed to streamline setup. Features include:

  • Targeted Industry Selection: Upon registration, select your business's primary industry and any relevant sub-industries, allowing us to offer custom templates that significantly enhance content relevance.
  • Flexible Customisation Choices: Enjoy the freedom to adjust colour schemes and select the ideal screen orientation, landscape or portrait, ensuring your digital displays perfectly complement your setup.

The Impact of Digital Signage in Healthcare

Adopting digital signage within healthcare settings unlocks numerous advantages:

  • Improved Patient Engagement: Vibrant and interactive displays enhance patients' understanding of medical conditions, treatment options, and preventative care, all reducing perceived wait time.
  • Efficient Information Dissemination: Real-time updates allow for the swift communication of health advisories, changes in operations, and safety protocols, keeping patients and staff well-informed.
  • Operational Efficiency and Savings: By reducing reliance on printed materials, medical signage helps cut costs and environmental impact, supporting a greener, more sustainable healthcare environment.
  • Enhanced Wayfinding Solutions: Digital healthcare signage can simplify navigation throughout medical facilities, improving visitor and patient experiences by minimising confusion and stress.

Transforming Your Healthcare Facility

If you want to stand out and upgrade your medical facility's brand awareness, Mandoe is here to help. 

Start by setting up your design in our user-friendly online Studio. In this space, your ideas come to life effortlessly with:

  • A User-Friendly Design Process: Our guided walkthroughs simplify content creation, enabling easy incorporation of videos and pictures through drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Unlimited Customisation: Modify any aspect of your screen's display, from injecting animations to tweaking fonts and colours, for perfect alignment with your vision.
  • Efficient Preview and Launch: Before you publish, preview your adjustments and finalise display timings before seamlessly dispatching your creations to screens or saving them for social media sharing as videos or images.
  • Intelligent Software: Our platform remembers your designs and layout preferences, saving time and effort for future content. 

Embrace the future of healthcare communication today. Contact our experienced team to learn how digital healthcare signage can increase patient engagement, streamline information sharing, and elevate the quality of care in your facility. 

Digital healthcare signage is a commitment to enhancing patient care and communication. By partnering with Mandoe, your healthcare facility can leverage the full potential of digital solutions to set new standards in patient service and care. 

Discover the impact of medical signage and join the revolution in healthcare communication today.

Are There Cost Benefits To Implementing Digital Signs In Healthcare Environments?

Yes, implementing healthcare signs offers significant cost benefits. By reducing the need for printed materials, facilities can save on printing, distribution, and waste disposal costs. Digital medical signage also minimises the staff time required to update and manage information, allowing for more efficient use of resources. Additionally, the improved patient experience and operational efficiencies gained from healthcare signs can lead to better health outcomes and patient satisfaction, positively impacting the facility's bottom line.

Which Other Industries Can Benefit From Mandoe?

Mandoe’s display signage software is changing the way businesses communicate visually. From vibrant digital menu boards in cafes to captivating restaurant signage and dynamic digital window signage, our platform is crafted to attract more foot traffic with striking window displays and create a welcoming atmosphere through bespoke cafe signage. Our medical signage aims to boost the customer experience, ensuring your business stands out. 

How does digital signage help with healthcare facility navigation?

Digital medical signs significantly improve wayfinding in healthcare facilities by providing clear, easy-to-follow directions to various departments, amenities, and exits. You can update your signs in real-time to reflect changes in room assignments or construction areas, helping to reduce confusion and anxiety for patients and visitors. By guiding individuals through the facility efficiently, healthcare signs enhance the overall visitor experience, contributing to a smoother, more stress-free visit.

How can healthcare signage improve patient experience?

Medical signage enhances patient experience by delivering dynamic, engaging content that reduces perceived wait times, educates on health topics, and provides real-time updates on facility news. It offers an interactive platform for healthcare facilities to share vital information, including health tips, directions within the facility, and patient success stories, making visits more informative and less stressful.
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Digital signage template

Start with a beautiful template

Mandoe asks a few questions about what you want to design and instantly generates thousands of templates to get you started.
Digital signage template

Edit your template

Mandoe has a vast library of text styles, icons, images, colours, graphics, and more to help you bring your clinic's signage ideas to life.
Digital signage template

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

When your designs are complete, use Mandoe to deploy your digital signage to your clinic's screens straight from the dashboard.

Deploy to one screen or many

Mandoe lets you group screens (based on placement, location, etc.) or deploy your digital signage to a single display.

Set dates for your signage to display

Set the start and end date. Great for limited promotions at your clinic.

Set times for your signage to display

Set start and end times. Perhaps you want to advertise different products in the morning and afternoon?
Digital signage template

Get insights into what's working and what isn't

Compare Mandoe's display insights with your clinic's sales records to determine which signage delivers the best results.

Templates for medical clinics

Mandoe has thousands of pre-loaded templates, many of which are perfect for your clinic's promotional requirements. Limited offers, combo deals, educational signage, new product displays and many more.
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