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Digital signage template

Create digital signage for your physio practice

Mandoe digital signage software gives physios the ability to create eye-catching signs without any design skills

How It Works

Create digital signage in minutes

Mandoe digital signage software uses an intuitive drag and drop builder that even physiotherapists can use.
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Premium Digital Physiotherapy Signs with Mandoe

Introducing physio digital signage opens up patient engagement possibilities and elevates your clinic's community presence. Make your clinic one where the walls come alive with interactive physio signs offering exercises, 5-star patient success stories, and invaluable health information. This is the future of patient care — vibrant, informative, and engaging. 

Mandoe Studio is an affordable, market-leading content creation and management platform that streamlines the design and display of digital assets on one screen or many.

Just like Canva made it possible for ordinary people to create beautiful designs, we’ve made designing and deploying digital physio signage easy, accessible and affordable for anyone. Try our software alongside our competitors, and you’ll see the difference.

Effortlessly Manage Your Physiotherapy Signage

One of the biggest hurdles in adopting new technology is often its complexity. Mandoe shatters this barrier with digital signage software that is as intuitive as powerful. Designed for ease of use, it allows you to manage your physiotherapy digital signage with just a few clicks. Whether updating content across multiple screens or tailoring messages for specific treatments, our software makes it seamless. 

Our Interactive Creation Tool offers a step-by-step guide to craft your content effortlessly, equipped with drag-and-drop features that make adding videos and images a breeze. The platform is designed for ultimate flexibility, allowing you to customise everything on your display, from incorporating animations to tweaking fonts and colours. Before you publish your content, you'll have the opportunity to preview your adjustments, decide on the length of time each piece is shown, and then seamlessly distribute your finalised content to screens. 

Alternatively, you can download it as a video or image, ready for sharing on social media or other digital channels.

At the heart of our digital physio signage solution lies an unmatched advantage – access to millions of premium photos and videos. Unlike others, Mandoe dives deep into partnerships with industry giants like Shutterstock and Storyblocks, providing your physiotherapy signage with content that captivates and educates. 

Creating Your Physio Signs 

Our Onboarding Wizard is designed to customise your digital signage experience right from the start with:

  • Industry-Specific Registration: Select your business's industry and sub-industries upon signup, enabling us to provide customised templates for more relevant content creation.
  • Customisation Options: Personalise your digital signage by adjusting colour schemes and choosing your preferred screen orientation, landscape or portrait, to suit your setup.
  • Interactive Creation Tool: Utilise our walkthrough guide and drag-and-drop functionality to create content, quickly adding videos and pictures.
  • Complete Display Flexibility: Modify any element on the screen, including animations, fonts, and colours, to match your brand's aesthetic.
  • Preview & Deployment: Before completing your design, preview your changes and set display durations. Then, effortlessly distribute your content directly to screens or download it for use on social media or other platforms.

The Impact of Digital Signage in Physiotherapy

Our software's unique features are designed to enhance your physio digital signage experience. With adaptive resizing technology that enables content to fit various screen sizes seamlessly, you can avoid creating multiple file versions that take up time and effort. 

An extensive library provides a wealth of images, videos, and templates at your fingertips, ensuring you have all the resources you need for captivating content creation. The dynamic Instagram widget brings your content to life by displaying the latest feed updates, ensuring your displays remain fresh and engaging. 

Why is digital signage a game-changer for physiotherapists? The answer lies in its ability to transform patient experiences. Physio signs enrich the patient journey in countless ways, from reducing anxiety with calming visuals to providing interactive educational content that demystifies treatments. 

Moreover, they offer a dynamic platform to showcase the latest in physiotherapy sign innovations, keeping your practice at the forefront of the industry.

Engage, Educate, and Inspire with Physio Digital Signage

Digital signage in physiotherapy is what patients expect — an immersive environment that motivates and inspires. Educate patients on additional services, explain why physio is important, and outline what your practice specialises in, all through one engaging medium.

This is the potential of physio digital signage, and it's within your reach.

Are you prepared to transform your physiotherapy clinic? Our team at Mandoe is eager to assist you in harnessing the power of physio digital signage. With our easy-to-use platform and exclusive content, we're ready to help you create an engaging, informative, and inspiring space for your patients.

Embrace the future of physiotherapy with digital signage. By partnering with Mandoe, you're choosing a path of innovation, engagement, and unparalleled patient care. Contact us today to get your physiotherapy signs started today.

How Does Mandoe's Digital Signage Help Physiotherapists Stand Out?

Mandoe's digital physio signage provides holistic engagement and education directly to your patients. By leveraging our exclusive content and easy-to-use software, therapists can showcase the latest treatments, share success stories, and offer health tips visually appealingly. 

How Can Physio Digital Signage Improve Patient Experience?

Physio-digital signage changes the patient experience by transforming waiting areas and treatment rooms into interactive and informative spaces. This innovative solution provides patients with valuable health tips, exercises, and motivational stories right at their fingertips. 

It offers an interactive platform for physios to share vital information, including health tips, directions within the facility, and patient success stories, making visits more informative and less stressful. 

Are you running a little behind? Engaging physio digital signage can make the time fly for patients while they wait. Get started today.

Do I Need A Designer To Create My Digital Physio Signage?

Mandoe's display signage software lets users create professional-quality digital signage without requiring specialised design skills. These templates are fine-tuned to meet diverse business needs, drawing on years of expertise and customer feedback to ensure effectiveness and relevance. 

Our commitment to excellence and adaptability makes it easy for any user to craft compelling digital signage content. With our free trial, experience the simplicity and power of Mandoe’s physiotherapy digital signagefirsthand. 

Can Mandoe's Digital Signage For Physiotherapists Transform My Business?

Mandoe’s digital signage software is revolutionising the way businesses communicate visually. From vibrant digital menu boards in cafes to captivating restaurant signage and dynamic digital window signage, our signs are crafted to attract more foot traffic with striking window displays and create a welcoming atmosphere through bespoke cafe signage

Our physio digital signage solutions aim to boost the customer experience, ensuring your business stands out. By leveraging our digital signage software, you can give your business a complete makeover, leaving a memorable impression on your customers and significantly enhancing your brand's visibility.
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Digital signage template

Start with a beautiful template

Mandoe asks a few questions about the signage you're trying to create and then instantly generates hundreds of templates for your physio practice.
Digital signage template

Edit your favourite template

Mandoe has a massive library of digital assets. Use fonts, colors, icons, images, and more to match your physiotherapist's brand.
Digital signage template

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

Mandoe also connects to your digital displays so you can schedule and deploy your new signage.

Deploy to one screen or many

Deploy to a single screen to group displays based on location, screen size, placement, etc.

Set dates for your signage to display

Choose which days you what your digital signage to display in your physio rooms. Perfect for limited offers.

Set times for your signage to display

Set the start and end time you want your signs to show. Maybe you want different messaging during the times that you're open and closed.
Digital signage template

Get insights into what's working and what isn't

Match sales or enquiry data from your physiotherapist's practice with Mandoe's display history to find out which signs work best.

Templates for Physio Practices

Your Mandoe account comes pre-loaded with hundreds of templates designed for physiotherapists.
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