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How It Works

Easily create beautiful digital signage

Use Mandoe's simple drag and drop builder to create compelling digital signage for your dental practice without any design knowledge.


Start with a beautiful template

After a few basic prompts, Mandoe generates thousands of templates for you to choose from.


Make it your own

Use text styles, graphics, icons, stock images, and more to customise your Mandoe template to match your dental practice's brand.

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

Mandoe also gives you the ability to deploy your signs to your dental room's screens straight from the dashboard.


Deploy to one screen or many

You can send your dentist signage to a single screen or group displays based on location, placement, screen size, etc.

Set dates for your signage to display

Choose to deploy your sign for a single day or select a start and end date. Perfect for limited offers and promotions at your dental practice.

Set times for your signage to display

Choose the times you want your signage to display or set it to appear 24 hours a day.


Get insights into what's working and what isn't

Match your sales records with Mandoe's signage schedule to figure out which signs perform the best.

Templates for dentists

Every Mandoe account comes with thousands of templates, including many for dental practices. Educate patients, promote offers, or let passing traffic know you're open for business.



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Use Cases for Digital Signage

Benefits of digital signage for dentists


Increase foot traffic

Stand out from the competition with professionally designed digital signage for your dental practice.


Increase profit margins

Increase the average spend per patient by promoting products you sell, cosmetic dental treatments, and more.


Grow daily sales

Grow revenue with special offers or by letting patients know about the dental hygiene products your practice sells.


Reduce marketing costs

Ditch the printed signs and switch to digital. Mandoe gives dentists the ability to create beautiful digital signage in minutes.

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