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Get professional digital signage for your real estate agency

Real estate digital signage is a powerful marketing tool that allows realtors to showcase property listings and attract potential buyers. With eye-catching displays and interactive features, this technology enhances the overall customer experience and helps real estate agencies stand out from competitors. By utilizing real estate digital signage, agents can effectively communicate property information, pricing, and other details to their target audience.  

Digital Signage in Real Estate

Digital signage in the real estate industry has revolutionized the way properties are marketed and information is presented to potential buyers. With the help of digital signage, real estate agents can showcase property listings, provide virtual tours, and display important details such as property features and nearby amenities in an engaging and interactive manner. By utilizing real-time updates, agents can easily manage and change the content displayed on the digital signs to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Furthermore, digital signage has the ability to attract attention and create a memorable experience for potential buyers. High-resolution screens and vibrant colors can enhance the visual appeal of property images and videos, making them more enticing to viewers. By incorporating digital signage into their marketing strategies, real estate professionals can effectively capture the interest of prospective buyers, provide them with valuable information at a glance, and ultimately increase the chances of closing successful deals.

How It Works

Create digital signage in a matter of minutes

Real estate agents can use Mandoe's drag and drop builder to quickly create digital signage for any screen size.
Digital signage template

Start with a professional template

Mandoe asks a few questions about your sign and then instantly generates thousands of real estate templates for you to choose from.
Digital signage template

Make the template yours

Mandoe provides you with an extensive library of icons, images, graphics, fonts and more so you can create digital signage that matches your real estate agency's brand.
Digital signage template

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

Deploy your signs to your real estate office displays with just a few clicks.

Deploy to one screen or many

You can group screens or send your signage to a single display.

Set dates for your signage to display

Set a start and end date. Perfect for time-sensitive special offers.

Set times for your signage to display

Set the times you want your signs to appear in your real estate offices during the day. Maybe you want different signs for the morning and afternoon.
Digital signage template

Get insights into what's working and what isn't

Use insights from Mandoe's display schedule against your real estate sales and enquiries to find out which signs work best.

Templates for real estate

Your Mandoe account comes with thousands of templates, many that are custom-made for the real estate industry. Create professional sales and rental advertisements for your digital displays.
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