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Create mouth-watering digital signage for your fast food restaurant

Fast food restaurants love using Mandoe because they can create beautiful digital signage in minutes.

How It Works

Create beautiful digital signage

With Mandoe's simple drag and drop editor, making digital signage for your fast food restaurant is as simple as flipping a burger on the grill.
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Eye Catching Digital Fast Food Signs

In today’s dynamic fast-food industry, staying ahead means leveraging technology to enhance customer experience. 

Enter digital fast-food signage, a game-changer for restaurants seeking to captivate and engage customers. We know what you showcase on your digital signage sells more, which is why so many fast-food restaurants have already included them as part of their in-store strategy. Grab your customers’ attention at the point of purchase by showing your most profitable menu items, promoting daily specials on digital menu boards, and entertaining customers as they wait. 

Why Choose Mandoe for Digital Fast-Food Menu Signage

Access Millions of Free Photos and Videos

Forget the hassle of sourcing imagery for your fast-food menu signs. Mandoe partners with leading stock media platforms like Shutterstock and Storyblocks, unlike other providers who offer generic, freely available content. This collaboration grants you free access to a diverse and unique collection of photos and videos, setting your fast food signage apart from the competition.

User-Friendly Digital Fast-Food Signage Solutions

Many business owners are intimidated by fast-food menu signage's perceived complexity and cost. Mandoe simplifies this with straightforward digital signage software that integrates seamlessly. This innovative approach means you can create captivating designs and easily manage your fast food menu signage, making digital signage accessible and affordable.

Need to make quick pricing changes? Update Mandoe, and your screens will Immediately change in real-time.

Getting Started With Mandoe

You can craft, customise, and deploy your fast food digital signs precisely and efficiently through user-friendly features. Discover how our platform empowers you to bring your creative visions to life with these intuitive tools:

  • Interactive Creation Tool: Features a guided walkthrough for easy content creation, enhanced by drag-and-drop capabilities for adding videos and pictures effortlessly.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Allows for comprehensive display customisation, including the ability to add animations, change fonts, and adjust colours to suit your brand's identity.
  • Preview and Deployment: This enables users to preview their content before finalising, adjust display durations, and then directly broadcast to screens or download as a video or image for sharing on social media and other platforms.

Create mouth-watering digital signage for your fast-food restaurant

Elevate your fast food digital signage, increase foot traffic and engage your customers from the moment they walk in. 

Our platform enables you to:

  • Deploy to One or Many Screens: Easily deploy your fast food digital signage to a single screen or group display based on various factors such as location, screen size, and placement.
  • Location-Specific Signage: Group your takeaway signage to tailor content specific to different areas within your practice for more targeted communication.
  • Date-Specific Signage Display: Choose specific days for your fast food menu signs to promote limited-time offers. Or, go by the weather and display iced coffee in warmer months and hot chocolate in the cold.
  • Time-Specific Signage Display: Set the exact start and end times for your fast food digital signage to be shown. Customise automatic messaging for different times of the day, such as coffee specials in the morning or sandwiches at lunch.

Transform Your Fast Food Menu Signs Today

Our platform changes the way digital content is managed and displayed. With Screen Zone Management, you can effortlessly divide your screen into multiple zones, be it a full-screen display or split layouts, enabling you to show varied content pieces simultaneously. 

This, combined with our Global Management feature, allows displays to be tagged by location for overarching control while also offering the ability to isolate specific regions for highly targeted content distribution. Integrating dynamic widgets such as Instagram feeds, appointment bookings, and videos significantly enhances content interactivity, making your digital displays more engaging and relevant to your audience. 

Digital fast-food signage creates an engaging, efficient, and personalised customer experience. From vibrant, fast food signs that attract passersby to interactive restaurant signage that simplifies ordering, the potential to revolutionise your fast food business is immense.

Discover the ease and versatility of our Studio, where crafting engaging digital content becomes straightforward and intuitive:

  • Interactive Creation Tool: Be guided through content creation with an intuitive walkthrough. Drag-and-drop features make adding videos and pictures simple.
  • Customisable Displays: Alter every aspect of what's on the screen, from incorporating animations to adjusting fonts and colours.
  • Preview and Launch: Before completion, review your changes, adjust how long you show content, and then effortlessly distribute it to screens or download it as a video or image for sharing on social media and other digital platforms.

Ready for Powerful Takeaway Signage?

Optimal digital fast-food signs allow you to manage and refresh your displays remotely, using any device at your convenience, ensuring your messages reach your audience precisely when and where you intend. The power to tailor content schedules according to distinct times and settings and the ability to cater to varied audience segments is crucial. 

Lacking these capabilities can significantly limit the effectiveness and ROI of your digital signage strategy. This adaptability keeps your content fresh and relevant and allows for strategic adjustments based on real-time data, maximising the impact of your digital fast-food signage initiatives.

Every Mandoe account comes with thousands of templates perfect for the fast-food industry: digital menu boards, window digital signage, meal deals, limited promotions, and 2-for-1 offers, all at your fingertips.

Incorporating fast food digital signage into your business is not just an upgrade — it’s your way to promote offers and increase order value with compelling upselling.

Don’t let outdated signage hold your fast-food business back. Embrace the future with Mandoe’s cutting-edge digital fast-food signage solutions. Our skilled team is ready to assist you in implementing a digital signage strategy that meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your fast-food restaurant.

Is Takeaway Digital Signage Difficult to Implement?

Implementing fast food signage with Mandoe is straightforward, debunking the myth that digital signage solutions are complicated and expensive. Mandoe’s user-friendly software integrates seamlessly with standard televisions, allowing for easy creation and remote management of content. This accessibility makes it an ideal solution for fast-food owners looking to upgrade their promotional strategies without needing specialised technical knowledge.

>Can Mandoe’s Digital Signage Software Display Live Tv, Websites, Documents, Audio Files And Widgets?

Yes, you can integrate every imaginable media type using Mandoe Studio. You can have different media zones on one screen with many layouts and templates available. For example, a single design may combine Instagram and RSS/XML feeds, video advertising, static images and text. You can also create custom layouts. There are tutorials and live chat support to help at every step.

Can Digital Signage Improve My Fast Food Business’s Bottom Line?

Absolutely. Fast food digital signage can significantly impact your bottom line by enhancing menu visibility, promoting special offers with your store signage, and improving overall customer experience. You encourage impulse purchases and repeat business by engaging customers with vibrant, dynamic displays. Additionally, the efficiency of updating digital content reduces the cost and effort associated with traditional fast-food signage, providing a cost-effective solution for boosting your fast-food restaurant’s profitability.
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Digital signage template

Start with a beautifully crafted template

Mandoe will ask a couple of questions about your signage requirements before generating thousands of awesome fast food templates.
Digital signage template

Customise to your liking

Make any template match your fast food restaurant's brand with stock photos, graphics, icons, and more.

Easily deploy to one or multiple screens

Once you're done creating, send your new signs to your fast food restaurant's screens with just a few clicks.

Deploy to one screen or many

Mandoe lets you group screens or sends signage to a single display.

Set dates for your signage to display

Set the start and end dates for your digital signage to display in-store. Perhaps you have different menus on weekdays and weekends.

Set times for your signage to display

Choose the time of day you want your signs to display. Change your fast food menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Digital signage template

Get insights into what's working and what isn't

View Mandoe's display history to measure the success of each sign against your fast food restaurant's sales records.

Templates for fast food

Every Mandoe account comes with thousands of templates that are perfect for the fast-food industry: menu boards, meal deals, limited promotions, 2-for-1 offers, all at your fingertips.