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Business Seminar Promo Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
No matter what the theme is for your next business seminar offering, this template can communicate your message clearly and effectively. Let its eye-catching colours and appropriate image draw attention from new and current customers. If you hold seminars or workshops, this template could be for you. The vast majority of this template is of a black and white image, while the title saying 'Expecting the Unexpected' will definitely have onlookers intrigued. Although small, the information at the bottom is easy to read and understand. Recipients will want to take a closer look to find out more about this specific offering. Let this template promote your next workshop or seminar by customising it. Change the image, text, colours, and other design elements to match your offering better. Once satisfied, you can now share it online via social media, email or websites or offline via posters and flyers. This way, you will widen your reach and have more people sign up for your class.
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