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Company Mission Statement Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
This company mission statement template is a one page template that captures the core values a company stands for. The picture in the background shows a city skyline and written over the photo is the headline saying: What we stand for. Underneath this headline are four pictograms with each one word so describe 4 key values as part of the company mission statement. The values are: teamwork, communication, growth and transparency. This template can be used as a poster, visual slide in a presentation, employee manual or annual report. Every company should have a clear mission and vision statement supported by their key values so all employees, shareholders and internal stakeholders know what the business stands for and what the common values are that everyone needs to uphold and subscribe to. Other organisations that can benefit from this and could use this template are sporting teams, non-for-profit organisations and other political parties.
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