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Corporate Recruitment Open Position Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
This Corporate Recruitment Open Position Template is exactly what your business needs if you have an open position that you're trying to fill within the company and team.

The background image of this template is an image of a city skyline featuring a beautiful shade of blue and purple. On the top left hand side of the template is the text, "Join us." in enlarged, emboldened, white text.

At the bottom of the template is a black text box containing more information about the open position available. In this case, it writes, "We are looking for a marketing and sales executive." With a call to action and deadline underneath.

Make this template your own by replacing all these editable elements, such as the marketing copy, the colours, the fonts and more. And, once you're done, send this template around online and offline so you can try to fill that position with a talented applicant ASAP!
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