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Internal Business Accounting Training Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
If your company is looking to offer your team and staff opportunities to better and improve their accounting skills, then use this Internal Business Accounting Training Template to let them know about it!

This portrait-oriented template is divided into two sections. On the top half of this template is a light-grey background colour with some blue text overlaid on the top explaining what is being offered and what the development course entails. On the bottom half of this template is a photo of the interior of an office setting, which features some shapes, adding more character and fun to the template's overall design.

And so if this template is what you want to use to let your team know about the exciting and upcoming opportunity to develop their skills, then get designing and get writing! Once you are done, print this template out and hand it around the office. Or, download it and email it to the team!
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