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Mental Health Woman Smiling Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
This Mental Health Woman Smiling Template is perfect for your company if your organisation is looking to promote a mental health and wellness event for your staff.

On the right hand side of the template, it features a woman smiling into the distance, in front of a fun backdrop that features palm trees.

On the left hand side of this template, it contains more information about the training being provided. Information includes, the name of the initiative, the date, the cost, the motivation as well as a call to action. All the text on this side has been presented in varying sizes, with the most important parts of the announcement in larger font.

Replace all this information with details that are applicable to your company's event and send it around internally online or offline to ensure that all team members participate in the event and are educated on the importance of mental wellbeing.
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