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Staff Resiliance Training Promotional Template

Illustration of a briefcase Corporate HR
Illustration of an office Office
This vertical template shows a light grey background with an image of a girl smiling and laughing in front of some palm trees. The colour tones of this template is erring on the cool side. At the top of the template, there is text in black stating "staff resilience training," with more details regarding the training below that.

This template would be perfect for advertising or informing employees about company staff training sessions. Feel free to edit the text to include details such as the date, time, whether it is free for all staff, the importance of the training, the skills they will learn, and more. You can also change the image to a more personal one, for example an image with the company's staff would be great.

The vertical layout of the template can be of many uses. It can fit well in a company-wide email or as posters to put up around the office.
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