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Discounted Merchandise Promotional Template

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of weights Gym
This Discounted Merchandise Promotional Template is exactly what your fitness apparel business needs if you're looking to market your company's products. In the centre of this image, acting as the background image of this template, is an image of a young, athletic-looking and happy girl, mid-air, with her arms spread wide. She's wearing fitness gear, a hoodie and sneakers. Use this background image as an opportunity to showcase some of your products. On the bottom right of this template is a marketing copy that says, "Up to 60% off merchandise". The marketing copy here is in various fonts, keeping the whole look of the template fresh and interesting. It also helps add more character to the look of the template. Make this template your own by changing the background image, the font colours and marketing copy, to name a few. Then, once you're done designing and writing, send this template around to your network to start generating more sales for your business ASAP!
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