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Fitness Program Announcement Template

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of weights Gym
If your fitness center, business or gym is looking to announce an upcoming fitness program that you're running or are already running, this Fitness Program Announcement Template is perfect for you.

While most of this template is dark and cool looking, there are hints and details of white and turquoise, which adds an element of personality and character to the whole look of this template design. For example, in the centre of this template is a photo of an athletic-looking woman standing behind weights, looking down at her hands.

On the top right of the template is a turquoise-filled text box, which writes, "12 week program." The color and the details of the program can undoubtedly be edited to represent what your business is offering accurately. The top of this template also writes in large yet subtle text, "Fat loss forever" in capitalised text. So get designing and writing, and once done, send this around your network so you can start generating more excitement about your fitness challenge today!
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