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Fitness Week Discount Template (Portrait)

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of weights Gym
The following template serves a companion, portrait image to another template that promotes a fitness week discount at your gym! There is plenty of space to make changes to the template to fit your specific needs. The top image in this template highlights a woman in workout clothing performing a high-intensity workout. Behind her is the remainder of a gym room that includes a punching bag and some free weights. Along with that, a section at the bottom allows for additional information to be provided to promote the gym's fitness week, including when it will occur and the cost. There is also shades of red throughout the picture and template that provides a uniform theme throughout the template. You can use this template to serve as a magazine, a business card to be passed out, or even as a promotional poster hanging in a storefront window. Don't be afraid to take advantage of your creativity to change the template to better match your needs!
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