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Fitness Week Promotion Template (Portrait)

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of weights Gym
Here is a powerful and distinct portrait template that promotes a fitness week discount at your gym! There are several images located at the top of this template that demonstrate different individuals performing various high-intensity workouts, including dumbbell lifts, curls, and running on a treadmill. The backgrounds where they can be found working out include various rooms located in a gym. Adding to the images, the rbottom of the template provides additional space so that you can deliver more information to promote the gym's fitness week, including when it will occur and the cost. In addition, the bottom of the template has bold text over a bright yellow background. This template has many uses and can serve as a poster, a magazine or web advertisement, or even as a banner that can be displayed wherever you see fit. So take advantage of this beautiful template that offers plenty of space for creativity!
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