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Protein Powder Promotional Template

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of weights Gym
This Protein Powder Promotional Template is exactly what your fitness company needs in order to start generating more business. On the right-hand side of this template is a black and white photo of an athletic-looking physique with baby pink writing overlaid, which writes, "Muscle Nation Protein" in capitalised and eye-catching font. On the left-hand side of this template is a photo of a pink, berry smoothie (to match the soft pink colour of the font!) with blueberries and strawberries surrounding the glass. Between these two sections is black text, which writes, "Lean Protein, Great Flavours, High Quality." This marketing copy sits on top of a baby pink background. Make this template unique to you, your business and your campaign by editing elements, such as the background photo and the colours. Once you're done, send it around to your community online and offline to start generating interest and buzz around your products!
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