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Woman Exercising on Mat Template

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of weights Gym
This gym membership promotion template is precisely what your gym and workout studio business needs if you're looking to attract new members to your business! On the right hand side of this template features an athletic woman doing a plank on an exercise mat, with her athletic physique encouraging template recipients to sign up at your gym. On the left hand side of this template features marketing text in varying sizes and colours, which creates a very visually interesting feel and look to the whole template, one that is bound to retain the interest of the template recipients throughout! The marketing copy writes "Season special" and "Get 2 weeks free access to all our facilities." Underneath this features more information about the template as well as social media icons and handles to give interested leads access to more information about the business and promotion if they want it! Customise this template however you want to make it yours, and get sending!
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