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Yoga Studio Class Registration Template

Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Illustration of a lady in yoga pose Yoga / Pilates
This is a yoga studio class registration template used for yoga studios that are wanting to attract more members and students to their classes! Three-quarters of this template features an image of an individual completing a yoga pose. However, to add an extra layer of personality and detail, abstract shapes in varying colours surround the feature image. So get creative and add your own personal style and flair here! On the top right of the image is one sentence, broken up into three separate lines. You can replace this section with whatever marketing copy you think will best describe your yoga studio's offering and services. At the bottom left of this template includes some social icons as well as the URL of the yoga studio website for interested potential clients. Be sure to replace this section with the details of your studio so that once you entice the interest of a template recipient, they know where to go to buy your yoga classes!
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