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Cookies Taste Test Promotional Template

Illustration of cakes Bakeries
Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
If you run an F&B business that sells delicious cookies, then this Cookies Taste Test Promotional Template is exactly what you need to let your community know about your business!

This landscape-oriented template is quite simple, with the vast majority of the design just featuring an up-close and personal photo of a giant choc chip cookie. On the top left-hand side, however, contains a call to action, which in this case is "Come and try our chock chip cookies." The bottom right contains the price.

Make this template work for you and your business by replacing the photo, the text, the price with your information. And, once you are done, distribute this template however you please! For example, you can partner with some influencers and ask them to post this template on their social media accounts. Or, you can post this template on your website so that all site visitors can learn about your delicious cookies as well!
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