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Ham & Cheese Toastie Template

Illustration of cakes Bakeries
Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
This is a vertical template with a close-up image of a ham and cheese toastie on a plain, pastel yellow background. It gives off a warm, homey, inviting feeling for recipients looking for a satisfying snack or meal. The smaller text lets you emphasise the selling points of the food, such as the fact that it's made fresh daily or it's sold for a low price. If your business is a coffee shop or a bakery, this template would be great to advertise your toasties, sandwiches or other baked goods. This format is ideal for pamphlets or menus, but you can adjust the sizing as you wish to fit your marketing needs. You can easily have this template be one page of your menu to publicise your signatures and popular items. Feel free to add whatever text to show off further your food – tell your customers what makes your toasties extra special!
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