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Pastries Price Promo Template

Illustration of cakes Bakeries
Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
This Pastries Price promotion template pictures different sorts of bread and freshly backed buns. The template has washed off black background with pictures of pastries and croissants on the left side and a chocolate doughnut, a wholegrain bun on the right hand side. The template has white writing in the middle : Organic pastries and sweets from $2.99 per /6 pack. This template can be used to offer your customers a promotion where the customer can combine all sorts of pastries for a fixed price. This will allow the customer to try out new products and become a loyal customer. This template can be used by bakeries or supermarkets. The organic market is very popular for customers with specific dietary requirements due to allergies or food intolerance's. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or pull up banner just outside the premises to attract people to come in. If the template is used online, it should direct people to a landing page or website with the address and contact details of the provider.
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