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Butcher Product Highlight Template

Illustration of meat Butchers
Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
This Butcher Product Highlight Template has a picture of a raw porterhouse steak on a wooden chopping board sprinkled with salt. The writing on this picture is positioned in the middle of the photo. The writing: 2020 winner (in black letters) - Gold porterhouse - $49.77/kg in bold golden letters. You can use this template to announce a new product within your product range or to indicate you have been voted a winning supplier from a certain year within a specific product group or industry. The price indication is important to give your customer a clear message when using this template. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or pull up banner just outside the premises to attract people to come in. If the template is used online, it should direct people to a landing page or website with the address and contact details of the provider.
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