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Back to School Promotional Template

Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
Illustration of groceries Grocers
This back to school promotional template pictures a light blue agenda with a pen, pencil and eraser as well as an apple. The text on top says: Back to school - lunch box picks in aisle 7. The template is vertically positioned and can be used as in-store poster or DL flyer that is distributed to the customers when they walk into the store. Many parents of school aged children find it a challenge to come up with lots of healthy snacks and lunch options for their kids. Helping them provide variation and inspiration to the lunchboxes of their kids is a great way to add value and create customer loyalty without giving discounts or doing special promotions. Other products that can be promoted in a similar way are lunch options of adults, easy and fast to make lunch and dinner ideas or healthy snacks when watching your favorite tv show in the evening.
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