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Gelato and Waffle Store Introduction Template

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If you run a business that sells gelatos, waffles or both, this delicious and fun Gelato and Waffle Store Introduction Template is perfect for letting your community know about it! The background of this template features several photos of a wide range of gelato flavours, making this template incredibly colourful. The photo on the right-hand side showcases the various flavours available. The middle photo shows a person using a small spoon to dig into their ice cream, and then the left is a photo of an ice -cream within a small standing bowl. The top left of the template writes, "Gelato & Waffle" in emboldened, fun colours in different fonts. Make this template what you use to showcase to your community the delicious F&B business you run and that is available to them! You can either print it out and hand it around or immediately reach a wider audience faster by posting it online!
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