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Juice Bar Raw Juice Promotional Template

Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
Illustration of juice Juice
This template shows cucumber slices, green apples, leafy greens and green drinks. Not only does the consistent colour palette of green pair well with the brown table, it also gives off a super fresh, healthy and clean feeling. The white texts in the corners describe the cold-pressed juices as hand-crafted and 100% raw. The homogeneous colours will make recipients feel healthy just by looking at the image! Perfect for coffee shops, restaurants or juice stores that want to promote their healthy, green juices, this template will really catch your customers' attention with its sharp colours. Use the template as is, or edit the text to tell your customers what else they can expect from your juices. This template would be great for social media posts, posters or small signs to put on seating tables to market your fresh juices. You could also replace the image with ones of your own to show the variety of drinks offered if that's what your store serves!
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