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Tea Shop Discount Offer Template

Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
Illustration of juice Juice
This tea shop discount offer template is perfect for you and your tea business! While simple and elegant, the template does an effective job at conveying and communicating any promotions your tea shop is currently running. In this particular case, the primary focus of this template is a picture of a teapot and teacup on a brown, wooden tea tray. On the top of this image are some textual elements that outline the promotion offered. In this case, on the bottom right writes it is the discount being offered, which in this case is "40%." but, of course, this can be edited to reflect the promotion and discount your business is running. The mid-section of this template features the name of the discount, which is "teas & tisanes special range." Modify the image and text on this template to reflect your business and offering and get sending so you can start generating sales!
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