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Seafood Restaurant Menu Board Template

Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
Illustration of a fish Seafood
This Seafood restaurant Menu Board template pictures the leaves of a palm tree in a warm orange glow sunset. A white text block with the writing: Summer Seafood in bronze letters. On the right hand of the picture has the menu list of the seafood restaurant in white small writing. A seafood restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in seafood cuisine and seafood dishes, such as fish and shellfish. Dishes may include freshwater fish. The concept may focus upon the preparation and service of fresh seafood. Some seafood restaurants also provide retail sales of seafood that consumers take home to prepare. Seafood restaurants may have a marine-themed decor, with decorations such as fish nets and nautical images. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or pull up banner just outside the premises to attract people to come in. If the template is used online, it should direct people to a landing page or website with the address and contact details of the provider.
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