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Sustainable Seafood Template

Illustration of an apple and a bowl of food Fresh Food
Illustration of a fish Seafood
With sustainable food chains becoming an increasingly hot topic of discussion, why not advertise your sustainable seafood sourcing practices with this sustainable seafood template? This template features a striking backdrop of the blue ocean. In the middle of this background image is a white text box that features orange detailing and writing that says, "Responsibly sourced." Underneath this is a separator, under which writes a call-to-action stating, "To find out more about our partnered fisheries, head to:" The marketing copy, as well as the business details here, can undoubtedly be substituted with information that is unique to your business and so get designing and get writing! Once you've completed these designs, send it around either physically, offline or, as an e-template to your online community! This template is bound to attract attention to your business as well as shine light onto the responsible practices your business implements!
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