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Laser Aftercare Skin Template

Illustration of a hairdryer, a comb, and lipstick Hair and Beauty
Illustration of laser treatment Laser Clinic
This laser aftercare skin template is showing a hand holding a light blue tube on a yellow background. The text on top says: Laser after care range (in a dark rose circle) and at the bottom the text says: Let your skin glow - shop our products in-store & online. The most common effect of laser treatment feels like a mild sunburn, with redness, swelling, itchiness, and stinging for a few days after. It is therefore important to apply the right products to your skin to ease the pain/irritation and repair the affected skin. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster, social media ad or post and is the perfect way to create awareness for these type of products. The call to action should be the website and its online store with an overview of all the products and what they can be used for. Alternatively, it can direct people to the physical store so they can explore the products and seek advice in person.
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