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Nail Salon Voucher Promo Template

Illustration of a hairdryer, a comb, and lipstick Hair and Beauty
Illustration of nail polish Nail Salon
This is a gift voucher template that you can use to showcase some of the products and services your company offers that would work great for gifting to their friends and family. The top of the template features emboldened and enlarged text asking the recipient whether they're "Looking for the perfect gift," and follows up underneath the title with a description of what the business offers and how that could be in fact, the perfect gift. The bottom of the template includes a picture of the company's offerings, allowing the recipient to see your product or service in action. Use this template to think about what it is that your business offers that can be used for your customers to gift to their network. Get creative by adding a question up the top that immediately hooks the recipient and gets them to read more to maximise the chances of them becoming a customer. Beneath the image of the service offering, at the bottom of the template, you're also able to include contact information or more details about your services, such as, whether walk-ins are available.
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