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Beauty Weekend Special Promotion Template

Illustration of a hairdryer, a comb, and lipstick Hair and Beauty
Illustration of a lady with cucumbers on her eyes Skin / Facial
If you are a beauty or skincare clinic and are looking to advertise your parlour's weekend special promotion, this template would be perfect for you. The template features a close up of a person's face and cheek, showing off his or her clear on the face. Then, on the right-hand side, there is text in white and red stating that there is a weekend special, where there is 20% off all services. Feel free to use Mandoe Media's template editor to change the text of the template to let your customers know what special promotions your clinic is having at the moment. You could also change the image of the background to another body part if your beauty clinic specialises in another body part. This template would be great as a social media post or as a banner on your website. It is simple, straightforward and easy to read!
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