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Spa Opening Hours Template

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This is a template that you can use to inform your customers of your business‚ opening hours and other essential details such as contact information and social media links. The right-hand side of the template features an image to promote what kind of business your company is into, and the left-hand side has a cursive and enlarged text notifying the customer what the template is about, such as ‚∫WINTER Opening Hours.‚π At the bottom of the template and In between the enlarged text and the image is a brown box including the opening hours of this business and a contact number and link to their website, allowing the recipient to see your product or service in action. Use this template to inform your customers about your business offerings or other important details you would like your customers to know. Feel free to adjust the font and sizes of the text, the colour and placement of the brown box, and the image to suit your business needs.
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