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Physiotherapy Promotion Template

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The Covid pandemic has changed the way we do many things. Being forced to sit inside our homes, we had no choice but to go online for almost every thing!

Businesses and professionals too had to take their services online to remain relevant and meet the needs of their customers and clients.

Physiotherapists were no exception.

This template can be used to promote online physiotherapy sessions. The template is divided into two sections. The one on the right features an image of a woman working on a laptop. There are some yellow and pink flowers in a glass bottle on her desk, and a plant and artwork in the background. The image is eye-catching and fresh.

Th left of the template has text and a white background. The words Online Therapy are written in bold and highlighted in dark green.

Below this are the words, 'Access the expertise of our physiotherapists from the comfort of your home'.

Use the template as is, or include more information about your physiotherapy clinic, your website url and other relevant information.
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