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Podiatrist Cartoon Promotional Template

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This podiatrist cartoon promotional template is a simple, clean and playful template perfect to grab the attention of people who have problems with their feet, but also complaints such as knee, back and hip pain caused by the feet can be treated by a podiatrist. Also other medical professionals or people working on improving the health and wellbeing of patients can use this template to promote their service or treatment. The cartoon on the left pictures two people, one woman and one man running together. Physical exercise and a healthy diet are essential to live a healthy life. On the right there is an attention grabbing slogan: Let's get your feet on the right track. The colour palet used is very soft and sophisticated, the light colors ensure the focus stays on the slogan and message. Other professional who can use this template are dietitians, personal trainers, physiotherapists and other health and wellbeing professionals.
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