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Fresh Pastires Price Template

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This fresh pastries price template is promoting fresh pastries from a price point of $3. The photo used covers the entire template and shows several plates, cups and pastries and a hand using a sieve to put icing sugar over the pastries on the plates. In many countries a coffee is not complete without a pastry or at least something sweet accompanying the coffee and this is a great way for cafe's, breakfast places and other eating venues to generate more revenue and profit by upselling something with a coffee. The colors used in this template and the dead leaves give it an autumn / winter feeling, with the dark wood of the table and the pastel colored plates giving it a cosy and warm vibe. During the cold days of autumn and winter we can all use a warm cup of coffee and something extra, like a pastry to give our body the extra energy to keep it warm. The text is positioned on the left hand side of the template and uses a dark blue colour as the background.
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