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Lunch Special Template

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If your food and beverage joint wants to let existing and new customers know about an upcoming or existing lunch special that you're running, this Lunch Special Template is exactly what you need.

The feature background photo of this template is some delicious chips and guacamole scattered around, with some sauces and lemon slices lying around. In the middle of the template, it writes, "Limited Time Lunch Special." This text is written in varying fonts and colours, giving this template more personality and character and making it the perfect template for your lunch special announcement! Underneath this heading writes, "Salad + Chips $16."

Make this template unique to your restaurant by replacing the elements, such as the photo, the colours, the marketing copy and whatever else you want. And once you're done writing, designing and editing, send this template to your community, friends and family so you can start generating more revenue and sales today!
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