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Smoothie Bowls, Protein Bowls Template

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This simplistic template has an aesthetically comforting feel with the various green backgrounds, the smoothie bowl photos, and different sized text. In addition, the format of this template allows customers to look at other parts of the offering and make it more likely for them to learn more about the offering.

Use this template to promote your business by carefully choosing an image that stands out the way the smoothie bowl in this template does. Once decided, feel free to edit the text to include the necessary information to highlight what you are offering to your customers.

Maximise the chances of attracting more customers to your business by using this template and adjust the text, images and other details on this template as you need.

Although this template is suitable to be the cover of a brochure or online advertisement, customise it to however you see it fit for your business. Once finalised, share this online or present it offline by featuring it in your store ‚ the choice is yours!
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