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Company Values Template

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Company values are so important. They are the guiding framework for teams internally as well as externally and often the driving force and guide for decisions and directions within the company. This is why it is so important to document what your company values are so that it can serve as a perpetual reminder to all stakeholders for what you stand for. And, you can do that with this company values template. This company values template has intentionally been kept simple. With an unassuming backdrop, the text on this company values template writes "What we stand for" up the middle top of the template. Underneath lists out four values with its respective icons. In this case, it includes things such as "Community," and "Great Service." This can all be modified to suit and best represent your company. So, it's time to brainstorm and clear about what you stand for! That way, you can flesh it all out in this simple yet effective template!
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