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Dumpling Restaurant Menu Template

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Dumpling Restaurant Menu Template features a dynamic and fun design that will surely catch the attention of new customers. If you need a new menu revamp that looks festive yet versatile for your business, this template might be for you. This template is divided into two main sections: the title section and the item list section. On the topmost part, the restaurant's logo, name, and info are displayed coupled with a few design elements to make it look more stylish and inviting. The item list section is further divided into five categories: top picks, meat, and veg dumplings, sides, and add-ons. Headings of each category are highlighted with a dark green strip to make them pop out from the rest. Everything about this template can be customized according to your business's style and taste. You can change the colour scheme, logo, information, layout, text, and even add an image if you like. Once finished, you can now share it online and print out copies to distribute or use in your physical store. Download Dumpling Restaurant Menu Template now.
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