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Lunch Special Template

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This high-quality Lunch Specials template features an image of a mouth-watering pizza with a rolling pin and condiments in the background. The pizza looks delicious and is sure to tempt your readers. The rolling pin, scattered flour, garlic cloves and a peak of a tomato in the background suggests freshly baked and home made, further arousing hunger and interest in the readers. The Lunch Specials template also contains a text box towards the right-had side of the template, with a black square background. The text 'Lunch Specials' written in white and $16 written in red on the striking black background draws the attention of the reader immediately. Below the header is text describing the offer. In this case it's ' Any Large Traditional Pizza'. The message is clear and to the point with no room for confusion. The overall image is perfect for a pizza place or any restaurant with pizza on their menu. The scrumptious and finger-licking pizza featured in the template will have your readers ordering your Lunch Special by the dozens.
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