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Mexican Fast Food Menu Template

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This template can be used by Mexican restaurants or fast food trucks for their menu cards, as a digital signage or as flyers. Every section of the menu is easily customizable to reflect your brand and menu items. This horizontal template has a simple white background with the text in red and black. The top of the template features a vertical image of a serving of tacos. Below this the template has 4 sections with itemized menus under each. The first one starting clockwise from the top left has the word Burritos written vertically with 3 dishes listen to the right. The next sections says For Starters followed by 3 options for starters. Then is the Signature Tacos section with 5 tacos listed. The bottom left of the template has the word Quesadillas written vertically again, with 4 dishes listed to the right. The words Watcha Taco Bout are written in the bottom in yellow. Every section of the template is easily customizable. You can change the colour of the font, the font, the design elements and even the image. Use this template as a digital signage or print menus and flyers.
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