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Minimal Meal Combo Template

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This Meal Combo Template is exactly what your restaurant business needs to advertise some of the delicious food items that new and existing customers can buy and eat as a set! The majority of this template is dedicated to an image of a burger as the backdrop. The mouthwatering burger sits on the middle section of the right hand side. Meanwhile, on the top left hand side of the template provides more details of the combo and pricing. In this particular case, it writes, "Burger Combo," and underneath outlines the food items that are included in the combo as well as the prices. The marketing copy in this section is written in fun and bubble font, which creates a fun and light-hearted appeal to the whole template. Customise this template to make it unique to your business, your promotion and you! Once you're done, send it around to friends and family so you can start selling delicious food items!
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