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Poke Bowl Menu Template

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This template is best-suited for a Poke Bowl joint as it is divided perfectly into sections that detail the various steps of ordering a Poke Bowl. The horizontal template features a vertical image of two hands holding a Poke Bowl in its header section. Below this is a small logo and the name of the joint, in this case Poke Me. Under the logo is text that says Build Your Own Poke Bowl. To the right of this is a white text box with featuring bowls of 2 different sizes and the price for each. The next section of the template feature 5 steps to follow to build a poke bowl. Beginning from the left of the template, is the 1st section that says ' Choose your base followed by a box with the option of different bases like white rice, brown rice, zucchini noodles and cabbage. The next step has the number 2 written followed by the words Choose your protein and the protein option in a box below. Step number 3 is to choose your veggies, 4 is the sauce and 5 the toppings. The bottom right corner has a white text box that states Add any extras. If you have a Poke Bowl place, this is THE menu template for you! Simply change the items, prices, the brand name, and you are good to go. If you want to get more creative and change the colours, fonts, and the image, you can do so in a few clicks.
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