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Craft Beers Landscape-oriented Promotional Template

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If your business serves locally-brewed craft beers for customers, this Craft Beers Landscape-oriented Promotional Template is definitely for you.

In the background of this template is a light grey background, which features a photo of someone pouring beer into a glass that is sitting on a table. Surrounding the glass are some plates of food. And, around this feature photo contains more information about the business promotion. For example, on the top right of the photo, within a circular graphic, writes "25% off". The bottom right includes a small, subtle paragraph of text and the social media Instagram handle of the business. Lastly, on the top left of the template, writes in large, capitalised font, "Craft Beers."

So, if you're hoping to generate more brand awareness around your craft beer business as well as showcase an upcoming or existing promotion you have, get designing and start sending it around your community today!
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