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Membership Discount Offer Bar Template

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This template is perfect for licensed venues, such as bars, pubs, restaurants and more, which wish to promote a membership program with discounts for customers. The template signifies that the intended discount will apply to drinks. The colouring in the template is nice and simple, with a grey background which resembles a bar top, which fits the aesthetic well. The image of the drink really shows what the advertisement is about and it's clear that the advertiser is a licensed venue. This template features a playful yet simple font, which could almost be handwritten. The text is dark, which means it stands out nicely on the grey background which takes up most of the advertisement. The image is also clear and concise. This ensures that the audience understands the offer clearly, meaning there is no confusion. This template is easily editable, meaning that your venue can tailor the message to fit it's intended purpose.
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