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Italian Supermarket Discount Template

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If you are an Italian supermarket or even just a regular supermarket and you are looking to promote your sales, you have just found the perfect template to do so.

This template uses an image showing spaghetti, a jug of milk, a bowl of quail eggs, a half-sliced baguette and olive oil in a bird's eye view. At the top left corner of the template, there is a red cutout with white text depicting a 20% off sale on select items on Friday between 12-6 pm.

Use this template to tell your customers about upcoming sales and discounts that they should know about to gain traction at your store. For example, this template would work as a banner on your website homepage or as a social media post.

You could also change the image to show the items that you will be having the sale on. This template is simple, easy to read and straightforward!
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