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Menu Item Highlight Feature Template

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Put your best cuisine forward by putting it in the spotlight and highlighting it through a promotion. Build awareness and put this delicious meal on your customer's radar with this template.

If you run a bakery, restaurant, cafe or any product-based company, this template can feature your best item and pose as an invitation for your recipients to try it out.

This template displays an image of a scrumptious looking pasta. The cheese, herbs and other garnishes will surely make the recipient crave and want to have a taste of it.

Text saying 'Try Our Pasta' along with the description may provide that final push for your customers to finally try your cuisine.

Make this template your own by customising and editing it. Change the photo, texts, colours, and other details to truly reflect you and your business's preferences.

Download the Menu Item Highlight Feature Template to get to editing and customising. Once done, deploy it online and offline to generate hype around your product and watch attention convert into sales.
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